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Same Sex Parenting in India

Ultra-Modern Ways to Create Your Own Happy Family!!!

The impulse to have a child is one of that feelings that majority of people have, regardless of the fact that whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. From our childhood to adolescence, many of us grow up in families, and we inherently desire to have our own happy family as we become adults. In today’s world the definition of the family has changed over the years as in this generation, “Family” just doesn’t mean that having a “blood relation” with a person, rather everyone whom you’re too close to is considered to be a part of your family now and many of us will agree to the fact.

Same-Sex Parenting is No More a Dream

Also, if you wish to have your own genetic or biological child at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre, then we have various options now for LGBT individuals and couples which did not exist until past few months because the law was not amended by that time by the Supreme Court of India for LGBT individuals to marry in India, but on 6 September 2018, the law has been passed by the Supreme Court of India decriminalizing homosexuality by announcing Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code unconstitutional. All you need to do at the first step is to consult our doctor for your various options & decide thereafter and also, we have an in-house lawyer who is experienced in reproductive laws as you travel through your options and discover what’s right for you. He will guide you through the laws of third-party reproduction in the best manner suitable for you.

We at Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre Believe in:-

No personal or religious criticisms No limitation on sexual orientation No limitations on interracial couples No Gender bias-Transgender included

Family Creation Options for Same-Sex Couples
Assisted Reproduction for Gay Couples

The first essential thing for a male same sex couple is to prepare themselves completely to carry on the parenthood. We at Delhi IVF assist you through every option suitable for you in the best manner and also, help you to experience the most amazing parenthood. For more details about your multiple options please contact at.

Delhi IVF has various egg donation programs and in 2007, Times of India published a headline that a gay couple from Spain was blessed at Delhi IVF (*now surrogacy for the foreign couple is banned in India).

Many of you must be thinking that, who will provide the sperm among both the male partners? So the answer to that is one or both the male partners can give their sperm to fertilize the egg given by the egg donor.

The eggs of the donor will be fertilized by sperm(s) from one or both partners. Meanwhile, the gestational surrogate will get prepared to undergo an IVF cycle and is implanted with one or more number of embryos, produced from the fertilized eggs. When she gets pregnant, normally, she carries a baby in her womb for 9 months.

Assisted Reproduction for Lesbian Couples

Delhi IVF delivers services to female same-sex couples, whether married or not. Services are depended upon the various factors like, among both the female partners who wish to conceive and whose eggs are to be used for the fertilization process during an IVF cycle. Identically, a sperm donor will be required and Delhi IVF provides you the suitable sperm donor from its pool of sperm donors. The sperm donor(s) will have to undergo FDA mandated screening and testing at our andrology laboratory and will have to provide a semen sample for use in an IVF treatment.

The donated sperm will then be taken for Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) if the baby-carrying female partner has operating ovaries, uterus and tubes . If there are other problems identified, like blocked fallopian tubes, declined ovarian reserve, etc. the donated sperm can be utilized in an In-Vitro Fertilization process.