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Single Parenting in India

Single Parenting describes a single parent who raises his/her child or children without any partner. Single parenting may become necessary due to various reasons like Break-ups, Divorces, non-availability of an appropriate partner, Death of a partner, Single parent adoption, Desertion by one parent, Artificial insemination, etc.

Using Donor Sperm for Single Parenting in India

Delhi IVF offers various fertility treatment options to single women who dream motherhood and want to have children. Typically, single women require a sperm donor to conceive and reach pregnancy, but apart from the requirement of a sperm donor, fertility treatment options for single women are the same as the couples. The deciding factor is based upon the type and the seriousness of the infertility problem that a patient has, which is different in each patient as per their different medical conditions.

So, to make you understand more deeply, let’s take an illustration… if a single woman has normally functioning fallopian tubes, good ovarian reserve and normal uterus, then she just requires a cycle of IUI or Intra-uterine Insemination using donor sperm. Other than that, if a woman has declined ovarian reserve or DOR, blocked fallopian tubes, she may require IVF or In-vitro Fertilization with donor sperm. Additionally, if a woman’s ovarian reserve is very low then she may require both egg and sperm donation to conceive. Our experts will examine each patient’s requirements through consultations, tests and suggest the best option for each specific patient

Delhi IVF provides sperm donors to our patients, also, we provide egg donors (if needed). We have a wide variety of egg donors available for women whose egg reserve is depleted, (all skin types/ Indian/ Caucasians/ tall/ short/ different eye colors/all religions), those who are highly qualified as well… Contact us for more details atWe can help single women who need egg donors find a suitable match swiftly.

IVF-Embryo Adoption for Single Motherhood (for Mothers with Advanced Age)

While undergoing IVF or IUI with donor sperm is ordinary among single women who desire to start their family, there is one more tested and trusted method for single women preferring single motherhood, i.e. embryo adoption. Also, patients may feel that they don’t want more children after having one or a couple of children, though they are still left with extra frozen embryos from the first IVF cycle. In such cases, patients may choose to donate their extra frozen embryos to the infertile patients anonymously.

Delhi IVF is one of the best IVF centers that maintain its own embryo adoption and provide frozen embryos to the patients who need it. In the past 29 years, because of our embryo adoption facility, we have treated many single mothers & successfully build their happy families.

We have efficiently delivered more than 14,000+ ART babies over the past 29 years with our extreme hard work and deep knowledge about each specific case.

Fertility Preservation Due to Social Reasons

For single women who are not looking forward to start a family as of now but are tense for their fertile years, which may be fatigued before they find their right partner. For those women, Fertility Preservation may be a better choice to make.